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Cambridge Microfab Ltd
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Radiation Sensors

  • Our core products are solid state & thin film radiation sensors:
    • silicon AT thermal neutron detectors
    • silicon carbide HT thermal neutron detectors
    • gamma detectors
    • single photon optical & X-ray detectors
  • We supply individual sensors for integration into your own devices
  • We also offer neutron probes for measuring, monitoring and searching for thermal neutron radiation
  • Please contact us to discuss custom variants of our products

Product Development

  • We have supported customers in diverse areas including oil & gas exploration, aerospace (as a European Space Agency contractor), pharmaceuticals, & industrial inkjet
  • We will work closely with you to take your project from initial concept to production & provide ongoing process development as required
  • Our extensive production experience means your product & process development will be carried out with a keen awareness of the need for simple, cost effective, scalable solutions
  • We are always interested in innovation and undertaking projects in new areas

Production Services

  • Cambridge Microfab supplies thin film deposition & processing services, producing devices for a range of our customers' "own" applications
  • We also specialise in production of low volume, "challenging" mechanical components & assemblies to high tolerances, maintaining individual & batch traceability & tailoring solutions to meet customers' specific requirements
  • Our areas of process expertise include bonding "difficult" materials, precision electroplating &electropolishing, machining to tight tolerances & "clean assembly"


  • Cambridge Microfab has a range of in-house equipment & skills to support our customer's needs:
    • thin film deposition, processing, metrology & wafer dicing equipment
    • workshop with CNC machining capability
    • CAD for mechanical and electronics design
    • Class 1000 & 100 production & assembly areas