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Cambridge Microfab Ltd
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Thin Film Processing

  • We have been depositing and patterning high quality single and multilayer thin films in a wide range of materials on a variety of substrates for over 20 years using custom UHV deposition and etching equipment designed & built in-house.
  • Materials Deposition

    Materials Deposition

    • neutral stress films of:
    •   conductors
    •   semiconductors
    •   dielectrics
    • single crystal films
    • polycrystalline films
    • sputter systems with vacuum load locks
    • UHV conditions can be maintained for months
    • Our UHV systems routinely achieve base pressures of 10 -10 torr
    Not Temperature Control

    Temperature Control

    • temperature control is important to facilitate phase & morphology control
    • stable closed loop heating control
    • open loop Peltier refrigeration to -250C
    • liquid nitrogen refrigeration to -1700C
    Chemical & Plasma Etching

    Chemical & Plasma Etching

    • we routinely prepare & pattern a range of materials:
    • Al, Hf, Mo, Nb, Re, Ta, Ti, V, W
    • image left: part processed Ta-Al structure patterned by plasma & acid etching
    • pixel pitch nom 35 µm
    • wire width nom 2.5 µm