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Thin Film Deposition



Cambridge Microfab Ltd
Broadway, Bourn
Cambridge CB23 2TA

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  • We have been electro-plating, electro-polishing, electro-etching and hard anodising precision micro components for over 20 years. We specialise in small runs of "difficult" materials and complex shapes to tight tolerances with individual traceability if required.
  • Electropolishing


    • before (bottom) & after (top)
    • we manage fabrication from specification, source & validation of raw material through to inspection & packaging of the final item
    • parts leave Microfab with Ra <1 µm & finished diameter 1.602 mm +/- 2 µm over up to 95.50mm length


    • electroetching of controlled apertures through a Vanadium film deposited on an Aluminium substrate, without damage to the Aluminium
    • aperture = 8 µmx14 µm
    • array pitch = 40 µm


    • “difficult” substrates
    • pilot & small scale production
    • 500 VPN hardness gold has been applied to a precision turned stainless component to impart high electrical surface conductivity & resistance to abrasion
    • we routinely electroplate & electropolish 150 µm tungsten wires

    Hard Anodising

    • we can supply precision hard anodised aluminium micro components for prototyping & pilot production
    • for miniature components with small features hard anodised aluminium may be an alternative for harder to work materials such as 316SS & Titanium
    • hard anodisation gives improved corrosion and wear resistance
    • the anodic film is insulating, has good heat resistance and excellent adhesion