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JOSCAR Accreditation

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  • If you would like to know more about JOSCAR additional information is available on the Hellios website.
  • JOSCAR Certificate

    Posted on 9th May 2019

    Blade Neutron Detector

  • Blade, the new sensor solution from Cambridge Microfab Limited for thermal neutron detection in confined spaces
  • Blade detectors exploit the "thinness" of Cambridge Microfab's Silicon Carbide based HT sensor technology to deliver probe solutions with a package thickness of < 3mm.
  • Blade is designed to fit through 3mm slits or gaps to allow thermal neutron flux metrology in locations impossible to reach with standard neutron detection technology
  • Blade terminates in a preamplifier housing with compact connectors for power and signal output
  • Blade can be easily & quickly mounted in horizontal or vertical orientations using fixing holes in preamplifier housing
  • Blade can be supplied as a hardware package including Microfab power supply unit, cables and optional shaping amplifier
  • Fully sealed waterproof version
  • The flexible design permits variation of the active area of the sensing elements and the blade length without comprising the 3mm thickness dimension

  • Posted on 19th November 2018