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Thermal Neutron Probes

    Thermal neutron probe to measure, monitor and search for thermal neutron radiation. Ideal for neutron field metrology or fixed installation monitoring, these are robust probes, designed to be easily mounted in multiple orientations. Application areas include localising shield leaks and flux gradient mapping. The compact form of the probe results in low perturbation of the field being measured. High voltages used with gas detectors are eliminated so these probes are intrinsically safe.
Neutron Sensor Probe
  • neutron probe comprises detector nacelle & integral preamplifier
  • separate power supply unit & cables
  • optional shaping amplifier with pulse discriminator
  • separate signal chain electronics can be kept remote from the radiation field
  • DC level shift gives flux variation at very high flux levels
  • simple to operate
  • Probe hardware is compatible with either Silicon based AT series detector diodes or Silicon Carbide based HT series detector diodes

Thermal Neutron Probe Packages

    Our AT thermal neutron probe is supplied as a package comprising:
Basic AT Package:
Neutron Probe Basic Package
  • Thermal neutron probe with power supply unit & cable sets
Extended AT Package:
Neutron Probe Extended Package
  • Thermal neutron probe with power supply unit, cable sets & optional shaping amplifier