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Cambridge Microfab Ltd
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About Us

  • Cambridge Microfab was established in 1992
  • Our customers come from a diverse range of sectors including aerospace, oil, pharmaceuticals & ink jet printing
  • We work hard to build long term collaborative relationships with our customers - we still supply components to our first customer


  • Cambridge Microfab were a partner in the team which won 2nd Prize for affordability in the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health Xprize. Our oceans are becoming increasingly acidic as they absorb CO2 produced by burning fossil fuel. There is increasing evidence that the elevated acidity of the oceans is damaging to sea life with shells or skeletons made from calcium carbonate. The competition was devised "to create innovative & breakthrough pH sensor technology to enable accurate & cost effective measurement of ocean pH". We developed an effective engineering design for the body of the pH sensor which withstood submersion to depths greater than 2000 metres in the final stage of the competition in the seas off Hawaii. We worked on the sensor's architecture, power & control systems & supported our partners in designing & building signal processing electronics & associated software, & made the pH sensors
  • We have worked with ESTEC (the research arm of the European Space Agency) over many years to develop single photon detectors (STJs) which have been successfully used in ground based telescopes to track planetary transits & to carry out time resolved spectroscopy of, for instance, pulsars
  • We have also worked with ESTEC to develop a new generation of solid state thermal neutron detector, complete with front end amplifier, intended for use on planetary missions